Companies serious about conducting business on the Internet must hire an experienced web design agency that understands Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strategies that can help them fully optimize their Web presence to be persuasive to both consumers and search engine spiders. A successful Search Engine Optimization campaign is very involved and takes time and money to develop, but the return on investment is greater than that of traditional advertising efforts and lasts much longer. As a part of our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing services, we develop and implement each of the following:

  • Current website consultation
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Keyword/phrases (research, development, frequency, proximity, weight)
  • Tags (title, heading, alt, description, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly design
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • Website submissions
  • External link analysis and development
  • Website rank monitoring

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The Search Engine Optimization Copywriter

The most important person on your website development team is a copywriter who understands the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing and writing for the Web. They combine strategic thinking, exhaustive research, coercive copywriting and a deep understanding of the search engine process to improve your search engine rankings.

Our copywriters know how to cleanly develop keyword and keyphrase-rich copy designed to improve your rankings and get your website in front of pre-qualified customers – those actively looking for a specific product or service through a search engine. The sooner you optimize your website content, the better chance you have of ranking above your competition.

Perfect Circle Media Group is a unique Dallas advertising agency, Dallas graphic design firm and Dallas media agency. We've combined traditional branding, Web site design, audio production, video editing, printing, media buying, and media planning to offer 


Perfect Circle Media Group develops effective solutions for all your marketing or corporate communications needs. Our strategists, copywriters, graphic designers and technicans work hard to understand and identify your corporate capabilities, target markets, and advertising goals to better attract and retain valuable customers. We do this by analyzing current efforts and asking pointed questions to increase our clients’ brand equity and visibility in the marketplace.


Many times, a piece of corporate communication is the first contact your company has with a potential customer – whether it is a business card, a print ad, a brochure or a radio or TV spot. We have decades of experience developing materials that convince audiences to leave their current providers and try OUR clients’ products and services. If your company wants to gain the decided advantage over competitors that superior advertising provides, the experts at Perfect Circle Advertising and Graphic Design will lead the way.



  • Direct mail marketing campaign
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • Radio script writing and production
  • TV script writing and production
  • Promotional advertising
  • Technical brochures
  • Product catalogs
  • Database marketing
  • Public relations write-ups
  • Sales letters


  • Direct mail marketing campaign
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • Radio script writing and production
  • TV script writing and production
  • Marketing toolkits
  • Promotional advertising
  • Technical brochures
  • Product catalogs
  • Database marketing
  • Product catalogs
  • Newsletters


  • Corporate branding strategy
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Direct email marketing strategy
  • Direct mail marketing strategy


Perfect Circle Media Group has amazing capabilities. As the designers of DERMASCOPE Magazine, we spend over $1.2 million a year on this internationally distributed health and beauty trade journal. We leverage this significant volume to offer our clients huge savings.

Through our strategic alliances we can handle virtually any job that exists – from offset to digital to complicated binding to hand fulfillment and off-size mailing. Whatever your need, Perfect Circle Media Group can bring ideas to market with amazing speed and efficiency. Before you call a printer direct, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


At Perfect Circle Media Group, the effectiveness of the creative solutions we develop is enhanced by strategic planning, placement and buying. Drawing on years of experience and deep industry contacts, we’re able to negotiate excellent rates for you and put your message in front of the right audience at the right time. This kind of commitment to account service maximizes your brand’s exposure and increases your return on investment. Contact PCMG today.


Planning begins with detailed research – getting to know your company, your product or service, and your target market. After careful analysis, we will propose a plan that includes demographic research, recommendations on media placement, an estimated budget and expected results. How big can we go? We have experience successfully developing the promotions and launching a product into 100 markets simultaneously.


We have extensive experience buying and placing print, radio, TV, outdoor, interactive, and direct marketing for local, regional, and national campaigns. We can also coordinate telemarketing efforts for direct response campaigns. Contact PCMG today.


Perfect Circle Media Group boasts extensive experience developing campaigns that incorporate high-profile entertainers like sports figures and musicians and celebrities. Using the media plan we developed for you, we look for relevant cross-promotional opportunities to leverage star-status with your product or service. We have developed cross-promotions with the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and all the players’ associations. Our sports promotions experience includes recognizing arena and stadium opportunities, too.


Sports marketing is only a part of our promotional capabilities. Not all products or services fit well with sports. Some are better suited with Hollywood celebrities or popular musicians. We have close contacts in these industries, too, and use them to find the most strategic endorsement as it pertains to your product or service. We have created concerts and booked special appearances in order to develop cross-promotional opportunities for our clients – all with great success!


One of the projects we love most is creating unique ideas to get products and services out in front of target markets using non-traditional methods. We also drive traffic to mini-sites through broadcast mediums and can launch products on a national scale. We’ve developed everything from entertaining games, successful sweepstakes, and exciting contests that drive traffic to store locations, Web site domains and phone numbers. The strategists at Perfect Circle Media Group think beyond traditional medias to find the most strategic and cost-effective ways for our clients to turn prospects into paying customers. Contact PCMG today.


Social media advertising is a great tactic to use to supplement your other inbound marketing efforts. That said, each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledging these can help you put out the most suitable, engaging content possible.

Social media has become a cornerstone of  marketing strategy; it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, social media is a tool you should be using everyday to interact with consumers.

Social media advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, social media advertising proactively targets relevant users before they even begin their search.

Social networks are a good option for advertisers because of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices.