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External Mail Client - Outlook 365 for Windows


Jun 21, 2022Knowledge
External Mail Client - Outlook 365 for Windows
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I want my users to be able to configure their atmail cloud accounts with Outlook 365 on their Windows machine.

To connect your atmail cloud account to Outlook 365 Windows, you will need the following:
  • Email Address
  • Email Password
  • Server Settings
Secure Server Settings Note: Connection via IMAP is preferred over POP3. If you are unsure on what settings to use with your atmail cloud account, please contact your atmail cloud webadmin/Account Manager.
Open Microsoft Outlook 365 and click File then Account Settings then Account Settings.

Select New....

Enter your account email address. Click onto Advanced options and select Let me set up my account manually. Click Connect to proceed.

Select IMAP.

Enter your account details. Then click onto Next.

Enter the password for your email account. Click Connect to complete account setup.

Setup is now complete.

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