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Marketing is just as important as the content written. Without marketing, your brand can’t grow because it will hardly be visible. SEO and online content is great, but someone needs to spread the word, and how you do that is vital to your success. At Perfect Circle Media Group, our marketing experts work with you on developing a strategy for online marketing. Through ads, social media posting, SEO, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Google Analytics tracking and more, we’ll be able to tactfully strategize the best way to get your name out there and grow your company or practice in the medical industry.

Social media

Millions and millions of people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and dozens more social media platforms. Through the use active social media pages, marketing your name is free, easy, and, most importantly, efficient.


PPC is a fantastic way to only pay for visitors that view your site or specific links on your site. Add Google Analytics to PPC and you can track web traffic to your page, how long a someone visited a page, and much more. This is a huge factor in seeing what’s working and what visitors are reading on your website.


We focus hard on Search Engine Optimization. It’s how people find you on the Internet. With thousands of competing companies, proper SEO is crucial in ranking you at the top of Google searches.

Email marketing

Automatically blast emails to current and potential customers. Set up dates, custom messages, and target audiences to send emails to. Let people know about current specials, your services, patient education, and more. Email marketing campaigns are efficient and easy, and PCMG can help you plan your strategy and execute it flawlessly.

Articles and blogs

When it comes to the medical industry, people read a lot of articles and blogs. There’s something about the medical field that makes people do research, and accurate, interesting blogs and articles are a great way to present that to your website visitors. Perfect Circle Media Group offers medical blog writing to keep your company relevant and interesting.

Local Listing and link campaign

We go and create multiple listings with discription and contact infomation linked back to to critical pages that match up with areas of intrest of the listing sites that we list their sites on.

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