At Perfect Circle Media Group, we understand that developing a website isn’t just about hiring a developer. Patterns, styles, usability, and so many more things go into the design of the interface. This process is complicated and requires many hats to be worn by multiple people. But PCMG has you covered. Our web development team consists of marketing, UI, and UX staff to walk through this process with everyone on the team, including those developing code. Your website isn’t just about how it functions. It’s about how it looks, if it’s navigable, and how user-friendly it is.

Did you know the average person stays on a single webpage for an average of 12 seconds before moving on? That isn’t long to get your information across to those browsing your site. We consider data like this when developing website, ensuring those visiting your site see what they’re looking for almost immediately, and can easily get around your web site. This user-focused approach is vital in growing your brand, your name, and your website.

This approach gives our clients confidence in PCMG and our expert employees to develop a stunning, one-of-a-kind healthcare interface for your company. Check out our portfolio!


Maybe you want to keep your website project in-house. That’s totally fine. We offer consulting services to coach and guide your developers and teams in how they should approach and execute these huge projects. In today’s fast moving society, your website is the face of your company. We can talk you through strategies in developing your healthcare projects, including your website, client portal, CRM, labs results, and more. Healthcare technology doesn’t need to flatline. Let us help you give life to your website and your company brand through the latest technology and expert staff.

HIPAA compliance

At PCMG, we partake in regular internal compliance audits to ensure your information is safe and that we’re following all HIPAA laws. We know your information is important, and keeping it secure is our number one goal.

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