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Technology is growing and becoming more sophisticated at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, this means more malware, hackers, and more ways your personal medical information can end up in the wrong hands. At Perfect Circle Media Group, we understand security and HIPAA laws, and we work hard to make sure your information is safe and secure.

HIPAA and development

There’s a huge concern in the development process when it comes to developing websites and client portals. Information flows back and forth constantly, and PCMG makes sure that, when developing software, we are HIPAA compliant in every way possible. We undergo audits and keep up with the latest HIPAA regulations and laws, ensuring your information is secure.

With over 30 years of experience, our professional number one priority is HIPAA and keeping our services and company compliant in every way possible.

HIPAA and you

Many people think of HIPAA as an obstacle. We understand that HIPAA is in place to protect and prevent. Being HIPAA compliant might mean taking an extra step here and there, but it’s in place to protect your information from being distributed into the wrong hands, and to make dealing with healthcare less of a hassle in the long run. At PCMG, we know that being HIPAA compliant is just as important as your business. For questions regarding our HIPAA compliance, contact us today.

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