Developing a successful, robust, effective healthcare app requires experience through both education and practice. Learning through these methods helps improve processes, teamwork, and ultimately the code itself. At PCMG, our developers not only deliver top-of-the-line, clean, functional code, but they work with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) teams to ensure the navigation, content placement, and overall usability of our products are user friendly. 

We’re also aware that when developing these apps, sensitive patient/doctor information can be a concern. At PCMG we are 100% HIPAA compliant in everything we do, including data gathering and the presentation of that data within our products.

The best tech

One of the reasons healthcare apps haven’t been successful in recent years is because the companies developing these apps are stuck in old technology. Without the latest and greatest technologies, it’s hard to create an app that delivers the quality expected in the healthcare industry. Perfect Circle Media Groups strives to keep up to date with the most recent software, software updates, methodologies, and processes in software development and in the healthcare industry.